Australian Pencak Silat Federation

About Us

Uniting Silat in Australia

The Australian Pencak Silat Federation (APSF) was established in 2010 to be the national body representing the traditional martial arts of Pencak Silat in Australia and Oceania sanctioned by PERSILAT - the International Pencak Silat Organisation. The vision and objective or APSF is to support the diverse styles and rich cultural traditions of pencak silat and to promote and develop the art and sport of competitive Pencak Silat

The Objectives of APSF

To promote and develop Pencak Silat in Australia as an integrated martial art form combining sport, art and self defence.

To promote unity amongst perguruan.

To nurture the philosophy of developing body, mind and spirit.

To preserve a culture and not stray from the origins of Pencak Silat.

To promote, manage and control participation in international, interstate and Federation competitions and activities.

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